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Wordless Wednesday: Farmer’s Market Finds


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Me At The Connected Mom: It Is Lactivist To Support All Women

Last Wednesday Abbot Laboratories announced that it was recalling some of its Similac brand powdered infant formula. After one of their production plants found that a beetle infestation had contaminated the production line. (Read more)

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Me at Natural Baby Pros!

You may remember the post I wrote for The Connected Mom a few weeks ago about the sings I missed that my practitioner would not support a natural birth. I was so happy with the responses I received, and proud that by telling my story I had such positive effects on women preparing for birth, and women healing from their own birth disappointment.

The article also got the attention of Jen at Natural baby pros. Jen was very supportive and has re posted my article on the Natural Baby Pros website. It will also appear in their upcoming news letter.

Thank you so much to everyone who commented and shared that article. I am so happy that my experience can be used to help others, and excited that my story will reach even more women by being posted on!

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Me at The Connected Mom: 5 Easy Steps To A Healthier More Sustainable Diet For Your Family

“The journey my food took to my plate never registered with me past my involvement from grocery shelf to refrigerator. But from the resources needed to ship ingredients, to the chemicals and practices used to process and package convenience foods, the decisions we make about our diets have a huge impact on the world around us.” (Read More)

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Wordless Wednesday: In Which Oliver is Pretty Unimpressed By the Indoor Playground

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Sunday Surf: Birth Trauma

I had a big week this week with my post over at the connected mom. I am so very thankful for all of the support that I have been shown, and am grateful that my experience is being shared and helping other women to heal from their own traumatic birthing experiences, or encouraging women ask the tough questions that could save them from a similar one. Here are just a few of the links and stories that have been shared with me in return, be sure to check out all of the stories shared in the comment section of my Connected Mom post:

Moogie Light shares her journey to home birth.

Jenn in St. Louis shared a letter she wrote to her provider after her attempted VBAC

Vivian Commented that we need to start a revolution! I agree! She provided these links:  Childbirth Connection, Where’s my midwife?, American College of Nurse-Midwives and womencarepa,org

It is clear that many of us are connected by the birth experiences that we have. It is so important to share these stories and to ignore those who would tell us to ‘just get over it’ and ‘be grateful’ for our children. We need to give a voice to the abysmal way that labouring women are treated in our society, and shout together that what is happening is WRONG. But we also need to reach out to one another in support and help each other to heal.

Jenn from The Connected Mom has decided to do just that with a Stonger Together Oline Quilt for Birth Disappointment, Birth Trauma, and PPD Awarness.  Please go see her call for submissions, and send your art, photography, or other image to help support your fellow women.

Speaking of birth trauma; this guest post by Anne Roth on The Feminist Breeder moved me to tears. Go show your support for a Mama in morning.

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Wordless Wednesday: Hot Pepper Harvest

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